A wedding planner is a hired professional who understands and has an advanced knowledge of what is required for planning a wedding/event and the many details that need to be handled on your big day. A planner is resourceful, organized, and detail-oriented; they can offer creative ideas to style and personalize a wedding. Chic Occasions Events can plan every detail of your wedding/event while providing the resources and support you need during the planning process.


There are many details that can only be managed the “day of” an event, thus often spoiling the chance to enjoy your big day. These are moments that cannot be recreated and they should not be spent wondering what time the flowers and cakes are scheduled to arrive. Hiring a planner allows our clients to enjoy their wedding day, backed with the knowledge that a professional is taking care of everything of all the details.


As the demands of our careers and personal lives continue to increase we are left with less and less time to get everything done. A wedding and event planning is a key asset to the planning process and will take care of all the details leaving you more time to enjoy your event and the days leading up to it. On average it can take over 250 hours to plan a wedding, most couple simply find that they are unable to devote that kind of time. The amount of stress that the right coordinator can alleviate for their client is worth it’s weight in gold.


Our mission is to provide the WOW (Wonderfully Outstanding and Whimsical) Experience for all of your Special Events from work to family, organizations and friends allow us to execute our expertise and creativity for your next event.  At Chic Occasions Events we believe in perfection. Our staff and interns specialize in “pushing boundaries” to ensure that every event has its own individualized focus, flair and fame. We are passionate about what we do and will work hard to bring our clients vision to a reality.

A venue coordinator works for the venue; their job is to answer your questions about the venue and assist you with your venue layout. They are someone you may contact if you need extra reassurance about the venue; their job is usually limited to catering and venue services only. The detailed management that goes into your event is multi-layered and reaches to every vendor you have contracted. We manage every detail of the planning process from start to finish ensuring a stress-less and fabulous event.


Based on your needs, you should identify a wedding /event planner who can offer you a wide range of services and is flexible to handle as much or as little as you wish them to. Ideally, your wedding planner will provide you with ample ideas and guidance for your wedding. Most importantly, the planner you select must be someone that you feel comfortable and confident with; someone you can develop a connection with. At Chic Occasions our expertise comes second to creating a great client relationship. Our mission is to establish a connection with our clients to better understand their unique vision. This allows us the opportunity to interpret and execute according to your event needs while creating a friendly, comfortable yet professional environment.